How’s your Tourne journey looking so far?

Customer purchase experience

Congratulations for becoming Tourne owner! Since your opinion matters a lot, we prepared a short questionnaire, which will take 5 - 10 minutes of your time. All data is treated with strict confidentiality.

1. How did you come into contact with Tourne mobil for the first time?

2. Which was the strongest reason that convinced you to buy Tourne?

3. Which dealer did you buy your Tourne at?

4. Please evaluate your dealer's approach:

Waiting period for your first visit

  • Dissatisfied
  • Higly satisfied

Availability for your calls and emails

Dealer's presentation of Tourne's features

Assesment of showroom

Assesment of surrondings

Assesment of overall experience

5. Did dealer offer you a test drive with Tourne?

Did you test Tourne before buying it?

6. Would you recommend your dealer to other customers?

7. How would you evaluate the quality of the presentation when you were handed over the vehicle?

8. Has dealer contacted you in a period after Tourne was handed over?

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