How’s your Tourne journey looking so far?

Customer satisfaction survey

1. How did you find Tourne Mobil?

2. What was the biggest factor that convinced you to buy a Tourne?

3. Has Tourne fulfilled your expectations?

  • Poorly
  • Completely

4. What Tourne feature do you find the weakest or in need of improvement?

5. Please choose one from each of the following:

Quality of design

  • Dissatisfied
  • Higly satisfied

Quality of interior materials

Satisfaction with front bed

Satisfaction with rear bed

Functionality of bathroom

Quality of heating

Driving comfort

Feel on the road

Engine power

Driver's visibility

Road noise

Vehicle equipment

6. Where / from which dealer did you buy your Tourne?

7. How would you evaluate the dealer's readiness to answer your questions when you were considering buying a Tourne?

  • Dissatisfied
  • Highly satisfied

8. How would you evaluate the quality of the presentation when you received the vehicle?

9. How would you evaluate dealer availability for questions and other needs after you bought the vehicle?

  • Unavailable
  • Highly available

10. Where do you service your Tourne, and why did you choose them?

11. How would you evaluate their service capacities?

  • Unprofessional
  • Highly professional

12. Leave us a message