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The Tourne Challenge

Agile and durable

Because you can take Tourne most anywhere you can take a regular car. Many camper vehicles simply can’t go anywhere you like – nor would you want to try, even if you could. So Tourne is as much at home (and legal) in busy urban centres as it is well off the beaten track. Forget tight, awkward turns, frantic downshifting, labouring unnecessarily slowly along otherwise lovely winding roads. Embrace the long and winding road, go where you want when you want. That’s the real Tourne advantage.

Not only can you take it most anywhere, you can also park it just about anywhere. Sneak it in anywhere you’d park a car, quickly and easily. And Tourne’s footprint – physically and visually both – is so modest it won’t get in the way of any(one’s) striking views.

All seasons van

Similarly, what you don’t see, or even sense, is important, too. Because while you’re warm and comfy inside, the critical accessories and features, too, are treated equally well: the water reservoir, waste reservoir and related plumbing are all insulated and heated, so nothing freezes and everyone’s happy. (If temps drop below -10° C it’s probably time to head for warmer climes.) The WC / shower is all function and convenience, and the second sink always comes in handy, too. And insulated water and waste tanks underneath the vehicle, together with an integrated heating system ensures nothing will freeze up – which frees you up to enjoy, even at sub-zero temperatures.

  • Sleep Well,
    with Dream4

    Tourne’s Dream4 is a unique, patented design scheme that allows a standard van to sleep up to four people – inside the vehicle proper. In just a few, very easy steps that anyone can do in mere minutes, the dining area can be reconfigured into a second double bed.

  • More than
    a Great View

    Tourne’s windows are flush with the vehicle body (and not, as is common, bubbled), which makes the windows and the vehicle more aerodynamic, quiet and better insulated. Better yet, the windows are double-glazed, keeping the cabin cooler when the sun starts yo heat things up. The skylights above the rear- and mid-cabin areas provide plenty of both air and light – when you want it – and also feature both a retractable sunshade and a bug screen to keep nasty flying things out. The third skylight, above the washroom cabin, also provides an abundance of softer, natural light – and all very discretely.

  • Stay Warm,
    Stay Cool

    To start, most of the Tourne cabin is wrapped in 3 cm of quality Armaflex insulation, which ensures the cabin is well insulated from the elements, keeping things cosy and warm in winter and cooler, more comfortable in the summer months. Floor heating makes sure the cabin stays warm and dry, and takes full advantage of the best hybrid heating system available. The quality Webasto heater employs both diesel and propane to heat water and air to create a safe and comfortable living and driving environment.

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Small features, big benefits

  • Windows & Skylights

    Insulated, double-glazed windows stay cool and quiet, while screened and shaded skylights brighten things up.

  • Lights & Connections

    Bright LED lights and USB connections where and when you need them.

  • Bathroom

    WC/shower is all function and convenience, and a second sink always comes in handy.

  • Bathroom, Hanger rods

    Unused bathroom doubles as a cupboard for hanging and drying clothes discretely and effectively.

  • Big Little Fridge

    Features an exceptionally large compact fridge for more convenience and enjoyment.

  • Awning

    Custom roll-out retractable awning offers shelter from the elements – easy up/easy down.

  • Storage

    Intelligent design means more storage room mid- and rearcabin, under beds, counters and more.

  • Insect Screen

    Keeps interior bright, fresh and well-ventilated – without any unwanted little visitors.

Up close

Getting Technical

  • Versatile Multifunctionals

    Slide-out cupboard/drawers facilitate storage, mid-cabin beds, or make a handy seat.

  • Breathing Cupboard Doors

    Cupboard doors are fit to allow for air circulation inside and provide for handy, easy-open access.

  • Materials & Build Quality

    All structural furnishings are made from pricisely-fitted quality processed wood.

  • Insulation

    Cabin is wrapped in quality Armaflex insulation for warm winters and easy summers.

  • Insulated Water Reservoir

    Insulated water and waste tanks ensures nothing will freeze up – even at sub-zero temperatures.

  • Integrated Floor Heating

    Integrated floor heating system ensures everyone stays warm and comfortable.

  • Webasto air heating

    Quality Webasto diesel heater for warm, comfortable air temperatures, whenever.

  • Water heater

    Combines propane and electric sources to heat water quickly, quietly and efficiently.