How’s your Tourne journey looking so far?

Customer satisfaction survey

In order to be able to measure your satisfaction with the Tourne, we have prepared a short questionnaire. The processing time for this survey is about 5 - 10 minutes. All data is treated with strict confidentiality.

1. Has Tourne fulfiled your expectations?

  • NO
  • YES

2. Please evaluate


  • Dissatisfied
  • Higly satisfied

Quality of inbuilt materials

Satisfaction with front bed

Satisfaction with rear bed

Functionality of bathroom

Quality of heating

Driving comfort

Position on the road

Power of engine

Driver's visibility

Noise while driving

3. How would you rate the quality of Tourne?

  • Very low quality
  • Very high quality

4. How innovative is the product?

  • Not innovative at all
  • Extremely innovative

5. Would you recommend Tourne to other customers?

6. Which characteristics of Tourne would you expose as the weakest?

7. How would you evaluate dealer's accessibility for you questions and needs after you bought the van?

  • Unavailable
  • Highly available

8. At which Tourne dealer are you servicing your Tourne? Why did you choose this workshop?

9. How would you evaluate their service capacities?

  • Unprofessional
  • Highly professional

10. How satisfied were you, with how fast the appointment for service was made?

  • Dissatisfied
  • Higly satisfied

11. Have you faced any bigger issues with your car? What went wrong? Was your problem solved in adequate time?

12. Leave a message